About Sylvan Math Prep

At Sylvan Learning, we know that frustration can really hinder a student's progress in school. Luckily, when students get the extra help they need, their self esteem and love of learning flourish. That's why Sylvan's proven method of individualized assessment and focused one-on-one teaching has been so successful.

But we know math homework can't wait until your next Sylvan tutoring session. We also know math lessons can be difficult to grasp in the classroom; if a single concept is misunderstood then completing a complex problem can seem like brain surgery.

That's why we created Sylvan Math Prep – to give you the help with math homework you need right now. And when that help doesn't involve a parent struggling to "teach" something they have not studied for years, everyone wins!

That's why Sylvan Math Prep is the perfect short-term answer to your immediate math problems. Using what we know about how kids learn, how busy parents are, and how to harness technology for 24-hour help with math homework, we've created an online database of 750 free math videos that give you the math video help you need by explaining math lessons in easy-to-understand steps. Simply search for the lesson or concept you want to master, and watch as an instructor leads you through the steps. It's like having your own math teacher right there on your computer screen, reviewing the concepts you don't quite understand yet – for FREE. There are algebra videos (Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1 and Algebra 2), geometry videos and special math video help for students prepping for the ACTs and SATs.

For each Sylvan Math Prep lesson, there are video and audio example problems, practice problems with hints and answers with all work shown, a self-test, and a printable worksheet with extra problems for even more help with math homework. There's even a printable Notes page to keep as a reference, and a Deep Thought question and answer for even more free math help.

Whether you're in middle school or high school, trying to master pre-algebra concepts or studying for your SATs, Sylvan Math Prep offers math video help in a revolutionary way that lets parents off the hook and gives students the kind of help with math homework that works. Problem solved!